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Here we set out some answers to some common question's

How to reset your password

You can follow the the link provided below to reset your password by inputting some additional information, you will then receive an email to help reset your password.

Which Operating Systems does sCloud support?

sCloud is currenly available for Android devices & any device that has a internet browser, you can download sCloud from the official google play store here.

Which File-extension types can I add on to sCloud?

There is no file type limit, sCloud will allow you to add any file type to your Cloud.

is sCloud Free?

YES, sCloud is completely FREE to use, including... uploading, downloading and viewing files, although we do provide premium services that provide extra features like FTP. You can find out about the premium features & services we offer here.

What is the maximum Storage sCloud offer?

sCloud offer average -(500 TB) amount of storage.

How secure is sCloud?

sCloud takes security and privacy very seriously, you can find out more about some of the security measures we put in place over here

is it possible to stream my sCloud media on my TV?

Yes this will be possible in the next software update... more info

Can I use FTP to connect to sCloud as a alternative option?

Yes, FTP is available as a premium feature... more info on sCloud FTP here

If you can't find what your looking for here you are welcome to drop us an email and we will try to help assist you further. You can find our contact information over at our contact page here

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